Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Could Ezra Fitz Be Charles DiLaurentis?

Source: Tumblr
The season 5 final, 'A' was revealed to be a man named Charles DiLaurentis. But, who is this Charles? It was speculated that Jason had an identical twin and this was 'A'- but, that's been dismissed. Fans still believe that 'A' is someone very close to the residents of Rosewood- so close in fact, that oneo f the liars' moms tweeted something that has everyone hanging on the edge of their seats.

"@H_Combs: Does anybody know Ezra's middle name? Just wondering. #PLL #BigAReveal"

So "Ella Montgomery" is basically hinting around that Ezra Fitz could possibly be 'A'- again! This is not the first time he was thought to be 'A', but proven to just be a pawn in Ali's game. Now, here he is again as a suspect.

What do you think? Could he be 'A' again? Or does it seem like double jeopardy and too obvious? Ezra Fitz in my opinion, is a real person- he has a real family- and 'Charles DiLaurentis' is who? A relative of Ali and Jason's but who?

Source: Beamly